Dear.Karos Players

Today, the 13th of April, marks the final milestone for Karos Online as it launches off to greater heights with our players' induction to Rosh Online: The Return of Karos. With all of Karos Online's hits and misses, highs and lows, defeats and triumphs, it has been both an honor and a privilege playing and working with all the Karos Warriors of the past and the present since its Closed Beta Testing birth in August of 2009.

As the new publisher for Rosh Online, Ignited Games is welcoming all players from Karos Online with great benefits and events! Sign-up now and get your Karos Online accounts verified to get the most exciting transfer packages and benefits! Only verified Karos players will have their account information transferred to Rosh Online so don't be left out! To begin playing the Rosh Online, please visit the Rosh Online sign up page here. For more information about this rebirth, visit Rosh Online on Facebook by clicking here.
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Again, our deepest appreciation for the unwavering support and dedication of all our players.
We hope to see you all in Rosh Online!

May all your adventures be extremely exciting and your never-ending quests be infinitely rewarding!
Go forth Karos Warriors!

Team Karos

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