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Fletta Gem

A Fletta gem is compressed Fletta energy.
In the world of Karos, the Fletta Gems are used
in many different items.

1 Fletta Gem Item

By bringing Fletta Gem Shards and other materials to certain town NPCs, players can create powerful Fletta Gem armours and weapons. These special items:

  1. 1. Are available to all classes and levels
  2. 2. Have six grades, from D (starter grade) to SS, and can be
    upgraded using Fletta Gem Shards
  3. 3. Provide a stat bonus which is comparable to items that can
    be purchased at the player’s level
    (this bonus does not stack and cannot be customized)
  4. 4. Change in appearance automatically to suit the character’s class
    and level
  5. 5. Can be traded between players
  6. The materials to make Fletta Gem Items can be received as quest
    rewards, looted from monsters and found through mining and fishing.

2 Fletta Point System

Fletta points automatically accumulate in the course of fighting monsters. The player can then choose what to do with these points:

  1. 1. Spend them to enhance the character’s attributes
  2. 2. Save them, to receive a Blessing that boosts experience ? the more
    points you have saved, the higher the xp bonus
  3. 3. Use them to execute powerful high-level skills
    (once the character has reached the appropriate level and specialization)