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1 PK Mode

When the player is in PK mode, the icon will appear on the upper left corner of the screen.

2 Experience Bar

The uppermost bar shown on the screen is the experience bar which indicates the percentage of experience needed to advance a level. The bar will fill up as the player gains experience. When it is full, the player advances to the next level.

3 Character Status Window

- The character status window is in the upper left corner on the screen, and its position is fixed.
- It shows the level, name, portrait, FP, HP, MP, and MV of the character.

4 Target Status Window

- The target status window appears in the middle of the screen, and players can reposition it.
- It displays the level, name, HP and any special ability of the target, if there is any.

5 Minimap

- The minimap is on the upper right side of the screen in a fixed position.

- The character is at the center of the minimap which shows nearby terrain and NPCs.

- Players can zoom in and out by clicking the bottom left buttons on the minimap.

6 Party Information Window

The party information window appears below the character status window. It displays the party members in the following order:
the player, the party leader, party member 1 and so on.
It displays the class, HP, MP, and AG of everyone in the party.

7 Chat Window

The chat window appears on the bottom left of the screen, and players can reposition it.
Players can set the chat window to broadcast, general, party, ad, and whisper mode by clicking the mouse button.
To browse the chat log, use the scroll bar.

8 Game Menu

The game menu is positioned on the bottom left of the screen, and players can reposition it.
To open the character window, click the Character Icon.
To open the skill window, click the skill icon.
To open the community window, click the Community Icon. (Guild, Friends)
To open the system menu, click the System Icon. (Return to the Game, Game Settings, Help, Logout, Exit)
To hide the game menu, click the minimize button.
To create the trade, click the Personal Trade Icon.

9 PK Button

The PK button is at the bottom left of the screen and can be moved.
To turn on/off PK mode, click the PK Settings button.

10 The Hotbar Slot

The hotbar appears on the bottom middle section of the screen, and players can register frequently used items and skills here for quick use.
The default size of the hotbar is a single row, but it can be expanded to up to three rows by the Add/Remove Bar button.
The hotkeys corresponding to the first row of the hotbar are from '1 to +' keys, Alt + '1 to +' for the second, and Ctrl + '1 to +' for the third, respectively.
To switch the bar between vertical and horizontal modes, press the Rotate Bar button.
Players can reposition the hotbar.

11 Additonal Inventory Slot

Players can expand the capacity for inventory storage by equipping the bag with an additional slot.
The additional inventory slot appears on the bottom right corner of the screen, and is repositionable by players.
To hide the additional inventory slot, press the minimize button.